1. All vehicles are left at customer’s own risk. The customer should make sure that appropriate insurance cover is in place at all times while repair/restoration work is undertaken as NO cover is offered/in place for customers’ vehicles and NO liability will be accepted for any loss or damage to customers’ vehicles, however caused.

2. No responsibility is accepted for any personal items left in the vehicles while repairs are carried out.

3. Any deposit agreed on must be paid prior to work being undertaken on any vehicle in for repair/restoration.

4. Once all works have been completed, and before the vehicle leaves the premises, any amounts outstanding must be settled in full whereupon a receipt shall be signed by both parties showing satisfaction/completion of the work carried out.

5. If after one month of completion of the works, the vehicle has still not been collected then the proprietor reserves the right to charge a storage fee currently set at £10 per day.

6. If after a six month period of time has elapsed without the owner making contact with the proprietor, and every attempt has been made to contact the owner and failed, then the proprietor shall take steps to remove the vehicle and recover his losses as he thinks fit, without further reference.

Tel: 07920 745564
Proprietor: N J Wiggall