Classic Car Restoration

Whether you are bringing your classic car to us for a new paint job, a mechanical restoration or a full “nut and bolt” restoration – we give each job the same level of care and attention at NJ Restorations Ltd.

Please Note: A full restoration will take a minimum of 6 months but can often take over 12 months due to additional work, sourcing parts, etc.

Below is a high level summary of the full restoration process:


This is where we strip the car of all components, interior, exterior trim & all mechanical items. Once the car has been stripped, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the vehicle to determine the condition of the bodywork and which areas require attention. In addition to assessing the body & mechanicals, we will assess all other components to determine which components can be re-fitted to the car and which require refurbishment or replacing.

Bodyshell – Paint strip

Depending on the construction of the body, we will strip all of the paint using the correct method – whether it be a chemical stripping process or media blasting (also known as sandblasting or shotblasting).

Some restoration projects only require preparation of the bodywork for a respray (for example, a respray in the original colour), in these cases there is no need for blasting / paint stripping.

Bodywork Repair

Once the body shell has been fully stripped of paint and filler, we carry out any necessary repairs using repair panels where available. If a panel is unavailable, we will fabricate our own panels in-house.

Once the body shell has been fully repaired, the body is sprayed in primer to protect the shell and prepare it for paint. We also spray any exposed areas (underbody, wheelarches, underneath wings) with stonepaint for ultimate protection – this ensures the best possible prevention against rust and corrosion.


We are able to mix any number of paint colours up in-house, this gives our customers free reign to choose what colour they would like their classic car re-painted in. In addition to ‘standard’ colours, we are also able to add pearl/flake finishes as well as custom colours like ‘Candy Apple Red’.

Once the body and ‘loose panels’ (doors, wings, bonnet, boot) have been sprayed with several coats of paint – we apply a clearcoat (or lacquer) which as well as enhancing the new paint, protects the paint from chips, scratches & fade.


Once the paint process has been completed, we will usually install the wiring first (after thoroughly checking it & repairing/replacing where necessary). This is shortly followed by the fitting of all the major mechanical components such as steering, brakes, suspension & engine. Where required, we will either refurbish or replace any worn or damaged parts.


Once the mechanicals of the car have been fitted (and tested), we fit the interior as per our customer’s requirements. From the headlining to soundproofing, carpets, door panels, seats & trim/consoles, we fit it all. As with the exterior, if any part of the interior requires attention we address this accordingly – whether it involves ordering new parts in or arranging for the seats/door panels to be re-trimmed in the desired material.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that during each stage of the restoration process, extensive quality checks are carried out. This allows us to closely monitor the progress of your restoration project and we will not move onto the next stage until we are fully satisfied with the quality of work that has been carried out.

We have built up a reputation for quality, workmanship and attention to detail over the years and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Final checks & delivery

Now that the car has been fully assembled, we carry out a series of comprehensive road tests to ensure that all aspects of the car are working as they should. This gives us a chance to carry out any final maintenance/adjustments. The MOT is also carried out if required.

The last step is a full valet to ensure that the customer’s car looks exactly as they imagine it would (if not better!). The car is now ready to be collected or delivered to its owner.

From the moment they first turn the key, the owner can start enjoying their pride & joy for many years to come…

Visits & Updates

Throughout the restoration process, we encourage customers to visit the workshop as often as they like so they can see the progress on their car. We also send our customers images of progress during each stage of the project. In addition to this, we upload our project update photographs to our website, Facebook & Twitter.


With each project being different, if can often be difficult to give an exact timescale or delivery date. We work with our customers to find out if they have a particular date they are aiming for & provide a full estimate as to how long we think the project will take.


We understand that restoring a classic car requires a budget & financial commitment – from parts & labour to materials costs & unexpected repairs we may encounter during the restoration process.

In order to help our customers, we can arrange a staged payment plan & where additional work is required we will always provide an estimate before commencing the repair.

For more information on our restoration services or if you just want to talk to someone about a project, please contact us.